This page provides an overview of some useful tips for studying at the University of Twente. Please address any questions or additional tips to

  1. Presenters/laser-pointers
    Students who are presenting their colloquium can borrow a presenter (e.g. for Powerpoint presentations) from study association Dimensie (in exchange for your student card) or service desks of the buildings Ravelijn, Cubicus or Hal B/Carré (no reservations possible).
  2. Dictionaries (Van Dale Pro)
    When on Campus or using VPN, students can use the extended version of the Van Dale dictionaries (NL-EN-FR-DU-SP) via
  3. Phone numbers and e-mail addresses
    Looking for a phone number, e-mail address or room number of a UT teacher or employee, the UT phone book provides help. All phone numbers at the UT start with (+31) 53 489 and the last four numbers are stated in the phone book.
  4. ICT Manuals
    For roughly any ICT service offered by the UT, a manual is available at the ICT Service Centre.
  5. Software licences
    The UT offers free software licenses for selected software packages. Check out the Notebook Service Centre Software Manager. Other software (like Microsoft Office) can be purchased cheaply through Surfspot.
  6. Free courses and workshops
    To boost your study and career, the UT offers various courses and workshops throughout the year (e.g. academic writing, language, LaTeX, résumé/cv).
  7. Rooms for study groups
    On campus, you can make use of numerous available rooms to work together with your group members on projects. These rooms can be booked for free in advance through the web room booking system (log in using your student number and corresponding password).
  8. List of abbreviations
    In a large and multi-faceted organization such as the UT, you can stumble upon a large number of abbreviations. Luckily, the UT offers an overview of roughly all of these in the list of abbreviations.
  9. Short-term lending of study books
    On contrast to the central library in the Vrijhof where you can lend books for multiple weeks, the Educafé in the Cubicus offers all books that are related to the (pre)master of the PSY, CS and EST programmes. These books are available for consultations for short periods (i.e. a few hours) through study association Dimensie.
  10. APA references within Word
    Are all APA rules for references and bibliographies confusing and dificult to manage? Mendeley offers free software in which you can manage your digital and analogue references (articles, books, reports, etc.). Moreover it takes care of the correct use of APA style references in the text as well as a neat list of references at the end of your document. Alternatively you can use EndNote (available through the NSC Software Manager).
  11. Help with statistics
    If you need help with your statistics, e.g. for your thesis, you can drop by the Methodology Shop in the Cubicus.
  12. Access to UT systems and library outside the campus
    If you live or study outside the UT campus terrain, you’ll need to use a VPN connection to the UT, refer to the VPN manuals by ICTS.
  13. Printing at the UT
    To print small documents like articles or reports, you can use the Multifunctional Printers (MFP) that are placed in the various buildings of the campus. In order to do that, you’ll need to register your student card or OV-card with the printing system. After that, you can use any UT computer (e.g. in the central library, Vrijhof) to print to any MFP. Also, you can use your own notebook (or MacBook) to print to the MFPs.

After your study:

  1. Email address
    Your email address will automatically be transformed into an email address. However, the inbox is not the same. Through the Alumni website, you can set up email forwarding to receive emails sent to your alumni address at any desired personal email address (e.g. your Gmail).
  2. Free UT library use
    UT alumni can use the UT library for free. Apply for a free library card at the library information desk.
  3. Update your address
    Keep the UT alumni office updated when you move to your new house in order to keep receiving the Alumni magazine and other UT mailings (e.g. invitations).