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Last update: 27 march 2018

Books for quartile 2B 2017-2018

The book lists below are ordered by study phase (premaster and master). For every phase, the available subjects/courses are mentioned together with their course code. Per subject, the required and recommended books are listed (ISBN, Authors, Year, Title). The book lists below have been verified with the teachers of the subjects.


201300064 – Inferentiel Statistics

  • 9781292101637, Stats: Pearson New International Edition:Data and Models | De Veaux, Richard D. | Pearson Education | Edition: 4 |

201300069 – Research Studio

  • 9781526419521, Discovering statistics using IBM SPSS statistics | Field, Andy, | Sage Publications | Edition: 5 |
  • Articles through Blackboard


201200032 – Leadership and organisational change

  • No prescribed literature

201200027 – Teacher learning and development

  • No prescribed literature

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