Komma is the student and alumni association for educationalists from the University of Twente.

Komma supports her members in the development of skills and knowledge that are useful when working as an educationalist. We do this by, for instance, organising meetings for networking and workshops. These activities are interesting for both alumni and current students.

The name Komma

The symbolic value of the name Komma starts with our logo: the comma. Not only a punctuation mark, but a symbol for taking a moment of breath. A moment of breath between studying and your first job, between the UT and your new employer, between your student room and your own apartment. This fits seamlessly with the point that has been incorporated in the official University of Twente logo in 2010. But where the UT comes to a full stop, we continue!

But this isn’t the only explanation of our logo. The comma also symbolises the dialogue between to people. These can be educational scientists, who are conferring about the best approach to take, but also the transfer of knowledge from trainer to participant are captured in this.

Komma’s goal

Komma has set a goal to offer a platform for networking and professional development to educationalists from the University of Twente. This is not only accomplished by offering activities such as workshops, seminars, (network) drinks and experience days, but also our newsletter with news from in- and outside the UT and educational Holland and vacancies contribute.


Activities organized by Komma are aiming at students and alumni Educational Science and Technology from the University of Twente. Komma’s members receive our News  &Jobs newsletter automatically in their mailboxes, have access to our member database and are the first to be informed of discounts and promotions. Do you want to become a member of Komma? Then please fill out the membership form as complete as possible. Having doubts if you want to become a member of Komma? Please mail our secretary for more information.


Having questions or remarks after reading this website? Let us know! When you use the contact form, we will guarantee a reply within 5 working days. Do you want to submit news or vacancies? Then don’t use the form, but send us a separate email, with the subject and message of the item.