This is a page where we cheer for our Honorary Members. Honorary Members are those people who contributed exceptionally to Komma, in every kind of way. All members of Komma can be named Honorary Member during a General Member Assembly. Currently, Komma has three Honorary Members.

  • Gaby Taekema – Somers

During my studies at the UT I have always been active. During my study career I have been an active member at Dimensie (e.g. Kick-In), Harambee (a.o. EC), Student Union (Skills Certificate) and AIESEC. When I graduated from the Bachelor in Educational Science & Technology in August 2011, I noticed that there was no active alumni association for our course. Together with two classmates I decided that we needed to change this. The old alumni association ToPoS was remade into Komma, and Komma grew to be a shared association for both students and alumni. A UT novelty! After 4 years of being an active board member of Komma I decided that it was time for fresh perspectives and energy, and I resigned from the board. During that same General Assembly I was made honorary member of Komma for my efforts and contributions to the EST alumni community. This recognition and honoring came as a total suprise to me, a fantastic ending of my board membership of Komma. Ofcourse I remain a regular member of Komma, and will keep track of developments now and in the future.

  • Agaath Dekker-Groen

On 28 June 1985, I was appointed as an honorary member of Applied Educational Science (TO) because I was the first graduate. My interest mainly concerned the micro level. Therefore, I opted for Instructional Technology and with graduation assignment focusing on preschoolers and number comprehension. My graduation  supervisor Hans Kingma and professor Sanne Dijkstra were proud because I graduated cum laude.
My career was very varied. I started as a doctor’s assistant, and after adult education in Enschede I started TO. As an educational expert, I started working at the Educational Center of the then Technical High School Twente. After five years, we moved to Houten and I became development researcher at the Freudenthal Institute of Utrecht  University. After two projects there, I worked as a school supervisor at the Center for Educational Services in Rotterdam, and then as a teacher and educational designer at Regional Educational Center Middle Netherlands. I conducted research at High School Utrecht, and in 2006 began my PhD research in Educational Sciences at Utrecht University. Upon completion of my PhD, I became a research supervisor and assessor at various colleges. I also became a city councilor and was elected as “politician of the year 2017” in Houten.
Over time, I held various management positions in education. I am presently still a Board of Trustees member for special (primary) education. During my career, I combined my part-time work with our family: husband and four daughters. As grandma of two grandchildren, I happily babysit one day a week.