Komma organizes a lot of interesting activities for its members. Here you can see some of them.

1st Komma Teambuilding Weekend

Slowly more and more students join our association as active members to support us in organizing events. The turnover of positions among the board is challenging, so we decided to do a teambuilding weekend to get to know each other better and to work more productively in the future.

We all returned with energy, motivation and a lot of inspiration from our weekend. The plans for the next events run at a full speed and we’re happy to welcome you at our joint participation in a webinar on cognitive load! More events will follow- stay tuned with our agenda.

1st Educational Colloquy

This was our first trial to discuss an educational topic with our members. Prompted with a video on teaching for mastery by Sal Khan we dived into a hot discussion about possible educational concepts for schools, theorizing about learner agency, necessary stimuli for learning and norms and values that steer educational systems.


New Year’s Drink – January 2019


Moved to new Komma room! – December 2018


Exclusive Lunch Lecture with Rector Magnificus – December 2018


Constitution Drink – November 2018


GMA – October 2018


BMS Lab Tour – October 2018


Learning How to Learn in collaboration with Thelma Stobbelaar from NetOO – September 2018


CITO Tour March 2018

In March 2018 Komma members visited CITO, the Dutch company developing exams, tests and assessment methods. The employees shared the main mission an vision of CITO as well as the core content of their work. It was a very informative morning, both for the students and the employees!

Introduction day February 2018

In 2018 new students joined the EST for the February intake. We welcomed them with a cozy and intimate event, where we got to know each other better.


Lecture: Everything you need to know about PhD, February 2018

The program director of EST, Prof. dr. Ton de Jong gave a lecture on what it means do to a PhD, the options that follow after pursuing a PhD degree, as well as some peculiarities about life as a PhD researcher.


New Years Drink January 2018

To celebrate the begging of the New Year we gathered together for a nice evening of food, drinks and long and interesting discussions.


Introduction day September 2017

For the new students joining the EST program in September 2017, Komma organized a BBQ and a campus tour. It was a lot of fun meeting new people from different corners of the world excited to start their new life in Enschede!